Jacksonville's Historic Stadium

We are proud of the Downtown Historic Tomato Bowl, located at the end of Commerce Street on Austin Street in the heart of downtown Jacksonville.   One of the last remaining downtown stadiums in Texas, the Tomato Bowl has a rich 75+ year long history.  Built during 1930's through the WPA program, the entire stadium is surrounded by rock walls and was built with area rock and local labor.  She is home to Fightin' Indians football and soccer teams, and boast of many players who spent Friday nights inside her rock walls who have continued their careers in college and in professional level sports. The "Flaming J" is lit prior to home football games  signifying the burning spirit of JHS and has been touted as one of the top ten high school traditions in Texas. Tribe Pride is clearly evident in downtown Jacksonville. 
The Tomato Bowl underwent a complete renovation and reconstruction in 2018-19.  The exterior iconic walls and the rock facade were saved, but an entirely new state of the art stadium was built within the historic walls.  The Tomato Bowl re-opened in May, 2019, and the first event held there celebrated the Graduating Class of 2019 for their graduation ceremonies.