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Gifted Services 1st-4th

1st and 2nd Grade

First and Second grades are using Team Think Up! from Mentoring Minds. This research based curriculum focuses on 9 traits of critical thinking and connects each trait to all 4-core academic areas.
1. Adapt
2. Collaborate
3. Communicate
4. Create
5. Examine
6. Inquire
7. Link
8. Reflect
9. Strive

3rd and 4th Grade

Third and Fourth grades are diving into real world research skills through Envision by Mind Vine Press.  Each grade will complete 2 projects this year. 


Envision by Mind Vine Explained

3rd Grade

(Fall Semester) The Pet Parade project allows students to choose and research a future pet to purchase or adopt.


(Spring Semester) The Giving Journey project allows students to conduct thoughtful research about the needs of others and choose to work for a gift to give to someone in need.


4th Grade

(Fall Semester) The Backyard Getaway project allows students to research and make decisions in order to create and develop 5 specific areas within his or her backyard: a relaxation area, a recreation area, a water habitat, a flower or food garden, and a state or country tribute area. 

(Spring Semester) The Environmental Declaration project will allow students to research and choose a specific environmental issue in which to voice their stance on the matter.