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Instructional Technology is the use of technology (for example-computers, interactive media, networks, and the Internet) to support learning. It is considered a creative blending of ideas and products. Technologies combined with curriculum content in order to improve the teaching and learning processes is often referred to as technology integration.

What does this mean for the classroom?
  • Technology integration means using technology as a transparent tool to fit the task at hand. The world is changing where students and teachers should reach for a technology solution as easily as they reach for a pencil!
  • Technology integration must be a part of the daily activities taking place in the classroom; supporting and extending curriculum objectives.
  • Technology integration should be engaging students in meaningful learning and enabling students to demonstrate what they have learned in new and creative ways.
  • The way in which children learn has changed and Instructional Technology is helping to change the way we teach. Today's students need to be actively involved in learning - they want visuals, hands-on, and must be allowed to communicate their understanding of concepts creatively.

Lynne Bullock - Chief Technology Officer
Tiffany Alexander - High School Instructional Technologist
Katie Lasseter - Elementary Instructional Technologist
Yolanda Latham  - Nichols Intermediate Instructional Technologist
Hunter McConnell - Middle School Instructional Technologist