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School Supply Delivery Information

In the past, the Chamber of Commerce sponsored a "Back to School Fair" each August.  Vendors set up tables with information, and backpacks full of grade level supplies were distributed to any JISD student who came to the BTS Fair.  
Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the BTS Fair has been handled differently so as to avoid close contact.  The generous sponsors in Jacksonville still continue to contribute to the drive, and a large amount of school supplies will be disbursed for the 22-23 school year.  These supplies will be distributed to all 8 JISD campuses and handed out to students as needed.  
The Drive organizers opted to keep this process in place and provide the  supplies to every campus for teachers to use in classrooms.  Students who would have been given a backpack full of supplies will still have them in their classroom.  
The supplies will already be on campus when school begins in August, 2022.