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Elementary Academic UIL Competition

The four elementary campuses and the 5th grade from Nichols Intermediate in Jacksonville ISD attend Academic UIL Competition on the same day at Jacksonville College.  The elementary campuses compete against each other while Nichols 5th graders compete among themselves.   Students can win individual medals, and then team medals are also given for each event.  The winning team is announced and recognized during the January Board of Trustees meeting.  From Nichols Intermediate, the 5th graders also compete against each other.  
"They take pride in representing their campus.  They really enjoy when we present the ribbons and medals in front of the entire school.  Some UIL events are not regular academic content areas, so it provides them with an opportunity to use a different part of their brain, such as Art History or Music Memory.  It also allows some students to shine that might struggle in the regular academic setting".                                                      Jennifer Brashear, Fred Douglass UIL Coordinator
"UIL provides a great enrichment opportunity for students to represent East Side Elementary while expanding their horizons to other areas of personal interest".     Angela Woolley, East Side UIL Coordinator
"Academic UIL provides opportunities for students to enrich their minds and explore interesting subjects, such as chess, classical music, and famous artwork.  I've seen students who have never played chess find the joy in matching themselves against a competitor and learning strategies to defeat their opponent.  I truly appreciate Jacksonville College for opening thier doors and allowing our meet to be hosted there.  It elevates our competition and inspires the students when they know they get to compete 'at college'".
Monica Gaskin, Joe Wright UIL Coordinator