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Teacher Incentive Allotment

According to Texas Education Agency, the goal of the Teacher Incentive Allotment (HB3) is to provide a realistic pathway to pay outstanding teachers six-figure salaries.  As such, it will dramatically improve the recruitment and retention of highly effective teachers and keep them in the classroom at our most challenging campuses.  


In addition to helping attract and keep their effective educators in the classroom, public schools implementing these systems would be able to identify their more effective educators and then provide incentives for them to teach at their most challenged campuses, increasing the equitable distribution of effective educators.” (TEA, 2019).  


Jacksonville ISD is committed to retaining and recruiting high quality teachers to ensure the best education for its nearly 4,700 students. The district has a rich history of educational achievements and believe teachers are the core of its educational success.  


In Jacksonville, a culture of universal achievement takes place and we believe each student is capable of meeting academic standards in reading, writing, and math AND that the school has the power to make that opportunity a reality.