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JISD Athletic Events Online Ticketing

All JISD Athletic Event tickets will be purchased online on this page.  No cash sales will be taken at the gate for any event. 
Every event requiring a ticket will be listed below at the beginning of each week.  Tickets are first come, first serve, and all are General Admission. 


To purchase an on-line ticket, go to jisd.org and find the black box with the blue-gold J and instructions for purchasing your ticket(s).  There will be no cash sales for tickets at any JISD athletic venue.  If you do not have a personal card to use, please purchase a pre-loaded Visa or Mastercard gift card to use for your tickets.  


Thanks for your patience and understanding as we transition to online ticketing. 



Tomato Bowl Season Tickets



The contact person handling season tickets is Calah Moake at Central Office. She can be reached at 903-586-6511 xt 9420 or [email protected].  


Thank you for supporting Jacksonville High School Football by purchasing a reserved season pass in 2022. You have the opportunity to secure your seats for the 2023 season beginning July 18th until July 28th at 11:59pm. Please go online to our ticketing page (link below), and use the unique passcode provided below to renew the same seats you purchased in 2022, for this upcoming season. Once you apply your passcode, your seats will automatically be in your cart ready for checkout. To renew only a portion of your seats, you must remove the unwanted seats from your cart before proceeding to checkout. If you would like to trade your seat location, you can request to do so on the checkout page when you complete your renewal purchase. Trade days will be handled internally by the admin office during the week of July 31st - August 4th. All non-renewed seats will become available to the general public on August 7th at 8am. All season pass sales will be final on Monday, August 21st at 5pm.If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Calah in the Admin office at [email protected]