JISD Student Ambassador Team » What folks are saying......

What folks are saying......

"Thanks for being our program yesterday - several members said that is was the best we've ever had, and I agree.  It's great to be reminded that not all our young people are not the ones we see on TV and read about these day. I'm encourage by what I saw! :)"


"It was super great!  One of the rotary people said it was the best program he can remember."


"Very impressed".


"We want to invite the Team back at the end of the school year for another visit!"


"It is so nice to see and hear the good things about Jacksonville students."


"Makes me emotional to see them talk to well in public."


"Wonderful program...the kids are phenomenal.  Such a great thing!"


"Wow - I can't imagine what these kids will do as they get older since they are already speaking to adult groups in public."


"This has been very eye opening for me."


"I love, love, love seeing the kids.  It makes me so proud to be from Jacksonville."


"Those kids were awesome.  I had no idea."