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Myth: Tribe being used or not?:

1.  I have heard the rumor that “Tribe” will no longer be allowed   on school-approved shirts for JHS. Is this the case?

2.  Is it true that going forward none of our spirit gear can use the word TRIBE because it is deemed offensive to some?


Thank you for your question! The official mascots of Jacksonville ISD are the Indians and the Maidens. Tribe certainly will be allowed for shirts and booster clubs, and is still approved as spirit wear on Fridays for students and staff. We do have some uniforms that already have TRIBE on them, as well as the spirit flags for football games, and those will be replaced as the need arises.   The only change is that any district purchased new uniforms, any permanent district new signage, and any district correspondence will only feature the Indian or the Maiden name and our new JISD logo. This is to unify the Indian family and have a coordinated, recognizable look as the proud Jacksonville Independent School District. Please note that we have not at any time heard any comment about Tribe, Indians, or Maidens being deemed offensive to anyone. JISD is extremely proud of our Indian tradition, and remain steadfast and true to Once an Indian, Always an Indian. Just like the song says, “always true to you!”.   Hope this helps, and thanks for asking.