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MythBusters » Knives allowed on the JHS campus, February 2017

Knives allowed on the JHS campus, February 2017

Report by CBS19 (Taeler DeHaes) on 2/27/2017 concerning knives on the JHS campus.  JISD was asked for a statement concerning this and the following statement was supplied, but not aired.  Knives are not allowed on any JISD campus, and the photograph and incident were in fact investigated fully by the JISD Police Department reviewing hours of footage.  Administrators also met in January with the parent who brought the complaint before the board.  The statement from JISD to Taelor DeHaus/CBS19 is below:

JISD is aware a small group established a campaign against the district and contacted all news sources in hopes of a story.  The leader of this group spoke about the concerns of students openly carrying knives on the JHS campus initially in public comments during the January school board meeting.  There was never a formal complaint to a staff member, teacher, principal, security officer, or district administrator prior to this airing of concerns at the board meeting.


In a meeting with administrators at JISD Central Office, a parent showed a photograph of an unidentified person sitting at what appeared to be a school desk that could or could not have been a JISD student on a JISD campus.  The JISD student code of conduct prohibits any knife from being carried at any time on JISD campuses.  Administrators have and will continue to enforce all JISD policies, rules and regulations.  In response to the rumor that JHS allows knives to be carried in pockets if the student has an afternoon job requiring a knife, the policy of all campuses in JISD is No Weapons Allowed on campus for any reason. 


The safety of students and staff is the number one priority at Jacksonville High School, as it is on each of our campuses.  The issue in question about knives being allowed or carried by JHS students is inaccurate, and stems from sources unhappy with previous decisions made by JISD Administrators.   


JISD Police Chief Bill Avera states, “We believe that our campuses remain safe places!” Furthermore, “We monitor social media chatter as well as consult with our law enforcement partners to ensure that they remain so”.   Parents and students are encouraged to email any concerns regarding this matter to the JISD Police Department’s email address: police@jisd.org.


JISD proudly stands by our safe campus environments as well as the responsiveness and repercussions set forth concerning any student conduct against JISD policy at Jacksonville High School or on any other JISD campus.