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Timeline of renovation if bond passes (February, 2017)

February 23, 2017

Question?   What will happen with the class that will not be able to graduate in Tomato Bowl and the class that would miss a football season because of renovations?


JISD Answer:  The construction timeline should the bond pass in May would impact the senior class of 2018 for graduation ceremonies and the senior class of 2019 for the 2018 football season.  Both classes would be involved in the decisions about the graduation venue and about the football season.  We realize it is a sacrifice for each class to give up those special circumstances, but also those classes would be forever remembered as the ones who were a vital part of restoring the Tomato Bowl;  again this is should the bond pass in May.  Dr. Kelly, along with other administrators would meet with each class and involve them in the available options and any decisions made.  


For instance, each class could have their own slogan about being the "hometown heroes" or "taking one for the team".  The class of 2018 could be showcased after the last home game and help plan a final event in the TB before renovation begins.  The class could also have their class picture made in the rubble and would the one and only class ever to do so.  The seniors of 2019 could make alternate plans for homecoming and senior night - even having a special homecoming parade through downtown and having the king and queen finalists end up at TB and walk down the steps before the crowning.  Or, senior night could be a special event all its own at Cook Field or in front of TB.  Another option is to have those events as normal, only at a different stadium if JISD chooses to play home games at a nearby stadium.  


There is a chance that enough of the renovation could be completed in time for a final home game, but the chances are very slim and will not be planned on. 


If the bond does pass in May, 2017, these classes will be among the first to be met with and begin discussions, so both will have plenty of time to make creative and acceptable plans for the important events during their senior years.  


Thanks for your question!