Jacksonville ISD

Myth: What's all the talk about the Tomato Bowl?

October 2016


Question:   What's all the talk about the Tomato Bowl?  I hear it's being fixed?


JISD Answer:   JISD has been looking at potential plans involving the Tomato Bowl.  The 2014 Facilities Committee composed of community leaders, parents, and JISD staff members established a Master Facilities Plan for JISD and identified 4 major areas of immediate concern.  Most of those areas have been addressed and the Tomato Bowl is #4 on that list.  The district, after being contacted by a "Tomato Bowl Committee" of concerned community members began looking into various plans including renovating the stadium.  At this time, no definite plans have been decided on although the deteriorating condition of the Tomato Bowl lends some degree of urgency as we continue researching possible solutions.  Of course, the Tomato Bowl is the pride of both JISD and Jacksonville and our top priority is to keep the historic stadium in good and usable condition for many generations to come.

Thanks for your question and we will keep the community updated about future Tomato Bowl plans.