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Gifted Services 5th-6th

Nichols LEAD Program
5th & 6th Grade Gifted Services
L- Learning Together
E- Empowering Others
A- Achieving Goals
D- Discovering Potential
Our 5th and 6th grade gifted services continue to build around the four core academic areas as well as include an emphasis on leadership, career exploration, and executive functioning skills.
Students will be pulled monthly for 75 minutes sessions surrounding these topics.
Some topics and activities include:
- Effective leadership
- Communication & collaboration skills
- Conflict resolution
- Developing personal strength and skill profiles
- Industry forecasts
- On the job duties
- Resume writing
EF skills are those related to memory, time management, organization, emotional regulation, and task commitment.  We will be working on developing all of these as students enter their secondary education.
The students in the LEAD program will use the Envision by Mind Vine Press project Career Aspirations to guide them through the career exploration process.