Jacksonville ISD

Superintendent Student Advisory Councils

The Student Advisory Council has three teams and the teams meet separately approximately 4 times per year.  They are chosen by principal recommendation.  Students are bused to Central Office where they meet with the superintendent and talk about good things, bad things, and ideas they want to pass on to him from other students on their campuses.  They are encouraged to speak freely and ask questions.  They also tour Central Office and learn what the administrative side to a district encompasses.  
Team 1 is from JHS.  Sixteen students represent JHS with 4 from each grade level.  The Council this year includes:
JHS: Civin Du, Ahmer Hill, Javier Marroquin, Julianna Dublin, Andrea Donnell, Dixie Dowling, Kentrell Ferguson, Daniel Arellano, Fernanda Arredondo, Morgan Washburn, Jose Solano, Patrick Clater, Alec Christiansen, Lizbet Saldana, Kirsten Pardo, Carlos Camacho
Team 2 is from JMS and Nichols.  Eight students from each campus are on the council.  They include:
JMS: Keshawn Jeffery, Isabella Jamoco, Dykoda Jones, Aubree Warren, Alicia Boyd, Nazir Foluhe, Adrianna Munoz, Trakelvyn Curl
Nichols: Alyssa Singleton, Jacob Gonzala, Tanner Cumbie, Lacey Whetsell, Keely Gray, Nicholas Milligan, Kellan Beasley, Elianna Amaya
Team 3 is from all 4 elementary schools;  4 from each school.  These include:
East Side Elementary: Asher Bolton, Kira Chavers, Carlos Presa, Walker Bateman
Fred Douglass Elementary: Ja'Kimbreana Cummings, Javaydon Swindell, Neely Sandlin, Tristan Barajas
Joe Wright Elementary: Katie Becerra, Valerie Rangel, Alex Polk, Corbyn King
West Side Elementary: Arabella Yanez, Jabrelle Dmairi, Miles Herrington, Chyna Reed