Jacksonville ISD

Superintendent Student Advisory Councils

The Student Advisory Council has three teams and the teams meet separately approximately 4 times per year.  They are chosen by principal recommendation.  Students are bussed to Central Office where they meet with the superintendent and talk about good things, bad things, and ideas they want to pass on to him from other students on their campuses.  They are encouraged to speak freely and ask questions.  They also tour Central Office and learn what the administrative side to a district encompasses.  
Team 1 is from JHS.  Sixteen students represent JHS with 4 from each grade level.  The Council this year includes:
Oscar Arrellano Solis, Ashley Buckingham, Jackson Dublin, Passionate Lane, Ashley Llanas, Levi Locke, Katie Lucky, Alyssa Luther, Paul Maldonado, Saul Martinez, Noemy Montes, Sierra Mosley, Angel Perez, Omar Tavera, Syvannah Ybarra, Manuel Zavala   
Team 2 is from JMS and Nichols.  Eight students from each campus are on the council.  They include:
JMS -   Kaylee Webb, Elizabeth Ramirez, Jose Servin, Ryan McCown, Miguel Pinuelas, Kalvin Bryant, Diamond Bowens-Jaramillo, Madison Rawlinson,          
Nichols:  Nicholas Patel, Chloe Maldonado, Ramzee Matejka, Brooklyn Holman, La'Adriyah Roland, Joshua Dorman, Noah Sandlin, Jonah McCown                        
Team 3 is from all 4 elementary schools;  4 from each school.  These include:
Joe Wright - Zachary Ross, Carolyn Jeffries, Paiten Kirk, Hannah Gonzales           
West Side -  Hayden Hataway, Taiylyn Canady, Jacob Mongradon, Gentry Gray            
Fred Douglass - Hannah Zimmerhanzel, Axel Ramirez, Loren Jones, Alyssa Chavez   
East Side -  Ricardo Mireles, Ben Bolton, Kendi Canady, Sophie McNeill