Jacksonville ISD

Administrative List

Administration Office    903-586-6511     800 College Avenue
Kelly, Dr. Chad      Superintendent
Finley, Lindy          Associate Supt. of Finance
Stewart, Brad        Associate Supt. of Personnel & Operations
Cox, Lisa               Associate Supt. of Curriculum & Student Services
Dailey, Lisa           Director of PEIMS
Gill, Sara               Executive Director of Student Services
Jones, Alison        Director of Accounting
Moore, Kala          Director of Human Resources
Parker, Troy          Purchasing Director/Custodian of Records
Penn, Amber        Director of Special Programs & Languages
Traylor, Grace       Public Relations Director/Public Information Officer/Jacksonville Education                                            Foundation  
Support Center    903-586-7568     953 N. Jackson
Wade, Tommy 9511 Director of Custodial & Maintenance 
Starkey, Lana 9513  Custodial Services Supervisor
Tech Center    903-589-9015     1547 E. Pine St.
Alexander, Hedda  Chief Technology Director
Bullock, Lynne   Instructional Technology Director
Transportation Dept.  903-541-2398    1410 Elberta
Turney, Mark   Transportation Director
Lewis, Jonathan   Asst. Transportation Director
Food Service Dept.   903-589-3587     945 N. Jackson
Carter, Clay   Food Service Director
Jacksonville High School   903-586-3661     1210 Corinth Rd.
Ben Peacock,   Principal
Canady, Anjohnna   Assistant Principal
Bauer, Dawn   Assistant Principal
Treadwell, Tony   Assistant Principal
Boyd, Jeff  CTE Director
Coleman, Wayne   Athletic Director / Head Football Coach
Compass Center    903-589-3926     436 SW Loop 456
Avera, Bill   JISD Police Chief (outside line: 903-589-2621)
Rucker, T.J.   Principal
Erica Gresham, Assistant Principal
Jacksonville Middle School    903-586-3686     1541 E. Pine St.
Whitaker, Patsy   Principal
   Assistant Principal
Holman, Danya   Assistant Principal
Nichols Intermediate    903-541-0213     828 SW Loop 456
Searcy, Holly   Principal
Elgin Johnson   Assistant Principal
Michelle Miller   Assistant Principal
East Side Elementary    903-586-5146     711 Ft. Worth
Alderete, Jodi   Principal
Shelley Wodarski, Assistant Principal
Fred Douglass Elementary    903-586-6519     1501 E. Pine St.
Franz, Carlos   Principal
Tarrant, Patty   Assistant Principal
Randi Maldonado, Assistant Principal
Joe Wright Elementary    903-586-5286    1055 N. Pineda St.
Slovacek, Cindy   Principal
Hinton, Stephanie  Assistant Principal
West Side Elementary    903-586-5165     1105 College Ave.
Tennison,  Alicia   Principal
Jacki Bolton,  Assistant Principal