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Special Education Assessment Team

Barrietos, Alexander - Speech Therapy Assistant
Blackmon, Candi - COMS
Bolton, Emily -  Homebound Teacher
Bunch, Kathryn - ARD Facilitator
Butler, Marsanell - Educational Diagnostician    
Cullen, Andrew - Teacher, Transition Coordinator, AT Coordinator, Spec Olympics
Dement, Shanna -  Educational Diagnostician
Early, Jessica - Sp.Ed. Supervisor, Bilingual Diagnostician
Frisby, Elizabeth - LPC
Gault, Christina - Educational Diagnostician
Gill, Sara - Assoc. Superintendent of Elementary Ed and Special Education
Greenville, Megan - Educational Diagnostician
Gregory, Jackie - AU Strategist / Speech
Hayati, Lyna - Bilingual Speech Therapy Paraprofessional
Kemp's OT Therapy,  Inc. - Contract Occupational Therapy
King, Monica - Speech Pathologist / Speech Supervisor
McAdams, Ranleigh - Behavior Interventionist
Meads, Rebecca - Speech Pathologist
Meza, Claudia - Speech Therapy Assistant
Myers, Katrina - Behavior Interventionist
Orr, Zara - LSSP Intern
Peacock, Mary - Speech Therapist
Mateescu, Misha - LSSP
McGough, Amy - Speech Therapy Assistant
Porter, Stacy - LPC/Behavior Support Team Supervisor
Runte, Susie - Physical Therapist Part-Time
Sandoval, Lourdes - Educational Diagnostician
Seybold, April - VI Teacher
Torres, Illeana - Speech Therapy Assistant
Van Cleave, Sheila - Department Secretary
Watson, Shannon - Educational Diagnostician