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Indian Mythbusters

Two-way communication is critical for parents, students, staff, and residents in any school district. At JISD, we realize that one of the primary sources information in our community is the local “rumor mill”. Often times, even when well-intentioned, misinformation is prevalent and JISD desires a way to help stakeholders track down accurate and timely information. Therefore, we added a new page to our website. The purpose of the INDIAN MYTHBUSTERS page is to address such inaccuracies and provide the community with accurate, factual information as it pertains to our school district.

We need your assistance in helping the new INDIAN MYTHBUSTERS page work well for our students, parents, and community members.

Anytime you hear something that raises a question or concern in your mind and/or you want to know where JISD stands on an issue, please let us know. The accurate information will be shared on our website or may be used in other communication sources as the need arises. It is our goal to continue to keep you well-informed so that everyone in our community will become an “Indian Key Communicator”.

Send your questions to: