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Distribution of Publications Policy

Distribution of Promotional Materials Approval Guidelines



Jacksonville ISD authorizes its schools to distribute or display communications of school-related* or outside organizations** that promote youth programs, activities, or events that aim to improve the health, education, and/or welfare of students.  Promotional materials may take the form of notices, announcements, brochures, or flyers.


Jacksonville ISD does not allow the promotion of any for-profit business or activity for students or families. 

All promotional materials MUST be approved by the Superintendent’s office prior to submitting any material to the campuses.  Please contact Calah Moake (calah.moake@jisd.org or 903-586-6511 x 9420 to submit your request.


            *School-related organizations may include parent groups, booster clubs, school employee organizations and other organizations and clubs affiliated with the District and its campuses.

            **Outside organizations mean any non-profit or tax-exempt organization, other than school-related organizations.


All non-school materials must prominently display the following disclaimer:  “This non-school activity/publication is not sponsored or endorsed by the Jacksonville Independent School District.” Materials should include the name of the person or organization sponsoring the distribution.


NOTE:  Organizations are responsible for any and all printing.  Flyers must be submitted in bundled in groups of 25 if approved, to distribute to students.  Once approved, the materials may be taken to each campus office with an approval notice attached from JISD Central Office.


For elementary campuses, students take notes home in their Tuesday folders.  Materials need to be delivered to the campus 1 week prior to being sent in folders.



 The enrollment numbers for each campus for 2018-19 are as follows (based on bundles of 25):


                    JHS                   1300                             

                    JMS                     725

                    Nichols                800

                    East Side             600

                    Fred Douglass     625

                    Joe Wright           500

                    West Side            500

                    Compass               25