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SHAC (School Health Advisory Council)

SHAC (School Health Advisory Council)

A SHAC is a group of individuals representing segments of the community, appointed by the school district to serve at the district level, to provide advice to the district on coordinated school health programming and its impact on student health and learning. The SHAC will assist the district in ensuring that local community values are reflected in the district's health education instruction.

SHACs provide an efficient, effective structure for recommending age-appropriate, sequential health education programs, and early intervention and prevention strategies that can easily be supported by local families and community stakeholders.
Mission Statement: The mission of the Jacksonville ISD SHAC is to promote sound school policies that will maintain and improve the health and wellness of its students, employees and community members.

Vision Statement: The vision of the Jacksonville ISD SHAC is to promote healthy physical, mental, social and emotional attitudes and behaviors that can be incorporated as lifelong habits.
Meeting Dates
SHAC meetings are held at 12:00 PM at the Jacksonville ISD Administration Building, 800 College Avenue, Jacksonville, TX 75766 at the dates posted below. Future meeting dates, time and location are subject to change.
SHAC Meetings 2022-2023
September 16, 2022 Agenda, Minutes, Audio
November 18, 2022 Agenda, Minutes, Audio
November 18, 2022  Special Meeting: HS Curriculum, Handouts
December 13, 2022 Special Zoom Meeting: HS Curriculum, Agenda, Minutes, Audio
February 17, 2023 Agenda, Minutes, Audio
April 14, 2023 Agenda, Minutes, Audio
SHAC Annual Board Report 22-23
SHAC Meetings 2021-2022
October 8, 2021 Agenda, Minutes
December 3, 2021 Agenda, Minutes, Audio
December 3, 2021 Special Meeting: HS Curriculum
February 18, 2022 Agenda, Minutes, Audio
April 8, 2022 Agenda, Minutes, Audio
May 13, 2022 Agenda, Minutes, Audio (Partial audio due to technical difficulties)
SHAC Meetings 2020-2021
November 13, 2020 Agenda, Minutes
March 12, 2021 Agenda, Minutes
April 9, 2021 Agenda, Minutes
April 30, 2021 Agenda, Minutes
May 21, 2021 Agenda, Minutes
SHAC Meetings 2019-2020
September 27, 2019 Agenda, Minutes
November 15, 2019 Agenda, Minutes
January 24, 2020 Agenda, Minutes
April 24, 2020 Agenda, Minutes
SHAC Meetings 2018-2019
October 26, 2018 Agenda, Minutes
December 7, 2018 Agenda, Minutes
January 25, 2019 Agenda, Minutes
February 22, 2019 Agenda, Minutes
SHAC Meetings 2017-2018
October 20, 2017 Agenda, Minutes
December 1, 2017 Agenda, Minutes
February 2, 2018 Agenda, Minutes
April 6, 2018 Agenda, Minutes
Policy Statement

The JACKSONVILLE ISD School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is instrumental in assisting the Board of Trustees in establishing and reviewing policy related to the district’s health education program, school nutrition and other health related areas.


 The council consists of district, parent and community representation with the majority of the composition consisting of parents as specified in the Texas Education Code. The council is required to meet at least four times per year.  Prior year meeting agendas, sign-in sheets and minutes may be provided by the SHAC coordinator; see the schedule of meetings for the current year on the Health Services page of the JISD website under the Departments tab.


 The Board of Trustees enacted policy regarding elementary and secondary student’s physical activity requirements. Both policies may be viewed on the Local & State Policy Page of the JISD website under the Parents & Students tab. Additionally, Parents and/or Guardians can access information regarding their student’s physical fitness by requesting their student's assessment results at the end of each year.


The school district as well as the SHAC strives to provide awareness of the Texas Department of Agriculture’s School Nutrition Policy and the US Department of Agriculture regulations regarding public school lunch programs. In addition, to the regulations regarding food services, campuses are also made aware of law and policy that govern the sale and/or distribution of smart snacks and the competitive sales offered in campus vending machines.  JISD vending machines available for K-8 contain water and 100% juice only and 9-12 contain water, low sodium sports drinks, and diet drinks. To obtain a copy of the Texas Department of Agriculture’s School Nutrition Policy you may visit


JISD board policies contain specific procedures and outline clear penalties for the use of tobacco products and e-cigarettes by students and others on school campuses or at school-sponsored or school-related activities.  These policies can be viewed on the Local & State Policy Page of the JISD website under the Parents & Students tab.


Together the Administration, JISD Board of Trustees and the district’s SHAC are committed to promoting healthy lifestyle choices among its students and staff. Through a coordinated school health approach, the ultimate goal is to ensure that the school health program as a whole will have a positive impact on student health and learning throughout a child’s life time.


Questions regarding the activities and role of the SHAC may be directed to the SHAC school liaison, Nicole Fontenot, Director of Health Services at (903) 586-3686 extension 6330.