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COVID-19 Quarantine Guidelines



2/2/21 Cherokee County Public Health has given new recommendations for quarantine guidelines.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced new quarantine guidelines for people who have been exposed to coronavirus, reducing the length of time from 14 days to 10 days without symptoms or seven days with no symptoms and a negative test. Officials said the shorter time period is intended to encourage more people to quarantine. The 14-day quarantine is still recommended but they are now offering two acceptable alternative quarantine periods.


What does this mean for students and staff at Jacksonville ISD?

If you are currently in quarantine or might be quarantined in the future because of close contact with a positive COVID case, you have these options:

  1. Quarantine for 14 days from date of exposure then return to school on Day 15.
  2. Quarantine for 10 days and if you have no symptoms, return to school on Day 11.
  3. Quarantine for 7 days and if you have no symptoms and receive a negative COVID test between days 5-7 you can return to school on Day 8. (Tests can be from your doctor or from the drive-up testing site at Jacksonville ISD's Compass Center depending on test kit availability. (Must sign up and register before testing)

For those who have been in close contact with a member of your household:

If you are unable to isolate from the positive case, you will complete your required 10-day quarantine and then begin your additional 14-day quarantine that may be shortened based on the new CDC guidelines.