Jacksonville ISD



We know parents have many questions.  JISD Admins are working hard to finalize a Back to School Plan which will be a detailed outline of many of these questions.  The BTS Plan will be released in July so as to have the most up-to-date information and guidelines available from State and local authorities.  
Please send questions to grace.traylor@jisd.org and we will answer questions as soon as the State guidelines are available.  
JISD is not able to provide all students with computers. Remote learners will need their own adequate internet service and devices. The district has ordered system compatible laptops and has adopted a technology plan to eventually reach a 1 to 1 system.  Those already ordered are not available at this time. 
Yes, the plan requires involvement and attendance if a class calls for participation and/or projects. You can find the list of classes with those requirements online at jisd.org in the Back to School Plan.  A Remote Learner can come on campus just for that particular class and return home after.    
Yes, students can be remote learners, but will have to be present when participation or projects are involved.  Examples include welding, athletics, band, cheer, dance, and other CTE classes.  
No, Virtual studies will be all online and all information will be available online. The curriculum mirrors on-campus instruction.  Textbook information will be scanned in and posted online. 
JISD will close campuses and/or school if the need arises due to illness of any kind.  At the Superintendent’s discretion, the district may submit a waiver of attendance requirements for days missed; therefore, State funds are not affected.  We believe the best option for our kids is to be in school, for many reasons aside from instruction, including food, social interaction, counseling services, and more.
TEA has mandated required minutes for every school day, whether on-campus or remote. Remote Learning is not to be confused with homeschooling, which does not follow TEA guidelines concerning instruction time.  All districts must submit their Remote Plans to TEA for approval.
Are the choices made on the recent parent survey binding or final?
No, parents will need to make a choice prior to the start of school in August.  Detailed information about both on-campus and remote learning will be available prior to the survey.  
Will face-masks be required for students?
Face-masks are a possibility.  JISD will abide by Governor Abbott's Executive Order about facemask compliance.  If the COVID positive case numbers go down in our area, the order will not apply.  IF the numbers remain high, we have to comply.  No child under 10 will be required to wear a mask.  Our hope is that the community spread will be lessened by the start of school, and JISD will not require masks for students. 
Every entry to every JISD facility have hand sanitizers, as well as every classroom, restroom, and offices. Students will have assigned entries.
Will you monitor temp checks regularly?  For staff and students
Yes, temperatures of staff and students will be taken as needed.  If a temperature is concerning, the nurse will implement safety protocols immediately.  We will publicize the full plan as soon as all guidelines are received from TEA.
What safety protocols will be in place and when will parents see them posted somewhere
Every available protocol will be in place for the safety and health of students and staff.  JISD will post a final Re-Opening Plan as soon as the final directives are given from TEA.  Every precaution will be taken on each campus and facility to maintain a healthy environment for learning. 
At this time, the same dress code will apply for all on-campus students.  
At this time, JISD is unable to provide devices to families who have chosen Remote Learning.  
This will be addressed in detail when the back to school plan is release in July.  Families will have options during the year.
Outside visitors will be addressed in depth in the back to school plan which will be released in July.  
JISD will run bus routes with new guidelines that will be outlined in the back to school plan.