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School Closure Coronavirus FAQ's

Please email any questions you may have concerning the school closure due to the Coronavirus to COVID19.faq@jisd.org.  We will post Q & A here as soon as possible.
March 16, 2020
Q:  How often will announcements be made about closure?
A.  Dr. Kelly will make announcements each Thursday afternoon as long as the crisis is in             effect.  These decisions are based on local and state information, as well as in                         coordination with other school districts in our area. 
March 19, 2020
Q.  We are moving in the summer and need to withdraw my kids.  What do I do if school is                 out until summer?   
A.   School is now scheduled to start back with staff on April 6th and for students on April 7th. 
March 20, 2020 
Q.  I do not have internet access.  How am I supposed to get the lessons for my kids?
A.  Paper packets will be available during the lunch pick up times at East Side Elementary            from 11:30 - 1:00 each week day.  
Q.  What about graduation?
A.  As of today, graduation ceremony plans are still in place, however are subject to change due to the fluid situation COVID-19 presents. We will inform students, families and the community as soon as we know any further details.
Q.  What about PROM?
A.  As PROM is funded and organized by the Class of 2020 parent group.  JISD does not decide the date or other related issues related to prom.  As we hear of plans, we will update on our page and through all available outlets.
Q.  Will students have to make up the lost days?
A.  TEA will issue guidelines concerning school days issues.  We are in contact with TEA on a daily basis and will post information as soon as it is available. 
Q.  We don't have internet. 
A.  Lessons are available at all campuses in paper packets for those who may not have internet or adequate internet service or devices.  Teachers will also be contacting students individually to assess needs..    All other online resources are available on the website.
Q.  When are lessons updated?
A.  Online lessons are updated weekly (by Monday of each week), and the paper packets are available for elementary in 2 week segments, and are available on all campuses in outdoor receptacles. 
Q.  Can I register my child for Pre-K?
A.  Pre-K Registration is being rescheduled for a later date.  We are working on an alternate plan and will post the date and information as soon as we have the plan finalized.  
Q.  Will the online lessons and packets be graded?
Q.  We strongly encourage students to complete the assignments as the normally would on a school day.  It is important to keep students engaged and learning until we are on campus together once again.  At this time, grading procedures are still being discussed and JISD will post that information as soon as it is finalized. 
Q.  Will seniors still have AP exams?
 A.  All AP exams will be administered online, at home, during the testing window of May 11 - 22.  You may email your AP teacher with questions.  You may also find testing information at www.collegeboard.org for more information.