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What's New

Jacksonville’s downtown Historic Tomato Bowl is the most unique stadium in the state.  With the completion of recent re-construction, our Historic Tomato Bowl is now a brand new stadium within the same iconic rock walls.  We are proud to offer state of the art seating, lighting, turf, videoboard, press box, and more.  Named as one of the Top 10 stadiums in Texas to see, JISD’s Historic Tomato Bowl is the heartbeat of Jacksonville.


During the 2019-20 year, Jacksonville High School will offer the On-Ramps program through UT-Austin allowing students to be enrolled in UT-Austin while attending JHS.  Also new to JHS, advanced Health Science students at JHS will be able to complete an EMT training program through UTHealth East Texas.   Elementary students have access to expanding STEM & ALC based learning which encourages long-range goals and community involvement.


JISD has invested in the Depth & Complexity structure of teaching for our Gifted & Talented Passport Program.  Focusing on the LEAD program, (Learning Together, Empowering Others, Achieving Goals, Developing Potential), identified students are served in the main classroom as well as through a pull out program with required independent research projects.  In 5th & 6th grades, Leadership & Executive Skills will be a new primary focus for our G/T students. 


Our acclaimed Dual Language Enrichment program is celebrating 25 years of ground breaking curriculum.  As the premier program in our region, Dual Language  is housed on the Fred Douglass Elementary and Nichols Intermediate campuses and is a much sought after source for other districts implementing such programs.  We consider diversity one of our greatest strengths, and our Dual Language program builds upon that philosophy.  Students alternate days of instruction in Spanish and English, serving both primary English and primary Spanish speakers.   


Jacksonville ISD is excited to now partner with UT-Health East Texas.  Our staff will have access to new training, both in physical and student mental health, so as to be the best possible support system for all JISD students.