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Associate Superintendent of Finance

Lindy Finley
Associate Superintendent of Finance
903.586.6511 x 9412
"It is our mission to provide support to all district students, staff, parents, and the community and to ensure that all business operations are supportive of the instructional goals and objectives of the district.  Community trust is critical to us so we strive for excellency and transparency in everything we do.  If you ever have any questions, please contact any member of our financial team."  Lindy Finley
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Alison Jones
Director of Accounting
903-586-6511 x 9422 
Tammy Murray
Supervisor of Payroll & True Time Services
903-586-6511 x 9429
Dianna Dumas
Payroll Clerk
903-586-6511 x 9430 
Troy Parker
Purchasing Director 
903-586-6511 x 9417
Sheryl McLeroy
Accounts Payable Supervisor
903-586-6511 x 9427
Lainey Campbell
Purchasing Clerk
903-586-6511 x 9422