Jacksonville ISD

Administrative List

Administration Office  903-586-6511  800 College Avenue
Kelly, Dr. Chad  Superintendent
Finley, Lindy   Assoc. Supt. of Finance
Stewart, Brad   Assoc. Supt. of Personnel/Operations
Cox, Lisa   Assoc. Supt. of Curriculum & Student Services.
Gill, Sara   Executive Director of Special Education / 504 Program
Jones, Alison   Accounting Director
Moore, Kala  Director of Human Resources
Parker, Troy  Purchasing Director, Custodian of Records
Penn, Dr. Amber  Director of Special Programs & Languages
Dailey, Lisa  Compliance Coordinator
Traylor, Grace   Public Relations Director, Public Information Officer, Jacksonville Education Foundation
Wood, Sheri   PEIMS Coordinator
Support Center 903-586-7568 953 N. Jackson
Wade, Tommy 9511 Director of Custodial & Maintenance 
Starkey, Lana 9513 Custodial Services Supervisor
Tech Center 903-589-9015 1547 E. Pine St.
Alexander, Hedda  Technology Director
Bullock, Lynne   Instructional Technology Director
Transportation Dept. 903-541-2398 1410 Elberta
Turney, Mark   Transportation Director
Lewis, Jonathan   Asst. Transportation Director
Food Service Dept. 903-589-3587 945 N. Jackson
Carter, Clay   Food Service Director
High School 903-586-3661 1210 Corinth Rd.
Kubara, Karen   Principal
Canady, Anjohnna   Assistant Principal
Eden, Tim   Assistant Principal
Peacock, Ben   Assistant Principal
Treadwell, Tony   Assistant Principal
Boyd, Jeff  CTE Director
Coleman, Wayne   Athletic Director / Head Football Coach
Compass Center 903-589-3926 436 SW Loop 456
Avera, Bill   JISD Police Chief (outside line: 903-589-2621)
Rucker, T.J.   Principal
Middle School 903-586-3686 1541 E. Pine St.
Searcy, Holly   Principal
Best, Josh  Assistant Principal
Holman, Danya   Assistant Principal
Nichols Intermediate 903-541-0213 828 SW Loop 456
Lewis, Patricia   Principal
Elgin Johnson   Assistant Principal
Melissa Hughes   Assistant Principal
East Side Elementary 903-586-5146 711 Ft. Worth
Alderete, Jodi   Principal
Bauer, Dawn  Assistant Principal
Whitaker, Patsy   Assistant Principal
Fred Douglass Elementary 903-586-6519 1501 E. Pine St.
Sherman, Rachel   Principal
Franz, Carlos   Assistant Principal
Tarrant, Patty   Assistant Principal
Joe Wright Elementary 903-586-5286 1055 N. Pineda St.
Slovacek, Cindy   Principal
Hinton, Stephanie  Assistant Principal
West Side Elementary 903-586-5165 1105 College Ave.
Sherman, Geoff   Principal
Gresham, Erica   Assistant Principal